ATLAS Hack Virtual Hackathon

If you live and breathe designing and building stuff that work, especially hardware hacks, you have come to the right place. Come join us at ATLAS Hack Virtual Hackathon, Malaysia’s first Smart Retail Hackathon, brought to you by ATLAS and JomHack Malaysia. We want to revolutionise the retail space, and give you an amazing platform to innovate. Get your team together and sign-up now. We have RM25,600 in cash prizes to be won.

What's In It For You?

While discovering innovative new solutions is great, and hacking up a prototype over the weekend feels amazing, opportunities to implement these solutions or to turn it into a business is way more exciting. Here are some of the many benefits of joining this hackathon.


Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Kickstart your next startup adventure, in partnership with the organiser, ATLAS... or discover other forms of business oportunities with them.

Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity

A great platform to showcase your talents in tech or business so that you may win a job opportunity with ATLAS, or within their ecosystem.

Cash Prizes

Cash Prizes

We always aim to attract great talents who are passionate about innovating, but cash prizes just make it better. A great way to reward great talent.

How Does it Work?

We know most of you may have attended many hackathon events, even virtual hackathons recently but here is how our Virtual Hackathon will work:



Register as a Team (3 pax) by filling up the registration form before 1st March 2021. All participants, whether professionals or students will compete in the same track.

Virtual Hacking

Registered participants will be invited to our virtual event platform. Kickoff Briefing will begin on 5th March, 9.00am with the full details to start hacking.

Virtual Demo Day

All teams are required to submit their projects by 12.00pm on 7th March for the 1st round evaluation. The top 10 teams will be shortlisted for the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals

The top 10 teams are required to demo their projects to our panel of Grand Judges on 13th March live on stage in Kuala Lumpur or virtually (if necessary).




Challenges to Solve

If you have a real passion for building all things innovative, connected and functional, you definitely want to join ATLAS Hack. Here are the 4 main challenges for this hackathon:


Challenge 1:

How can ATLAS increase footfall & make Vending Machines the choice destination?

Vending Machines are rarely seen as a choice destination for consumers, as the encounter is rarely intended, but more impulsive or coincidental. How do we value-add to our machines and make them a purposeful destination?

Bounty Projects - What You Can Build

  1. Ideas to turn Vending Machines into bank ATMs for micro cash withdrawals.
  2. Ideas to integrate various e-commerce solutions into existing Vending Machines.
  3. Ideas to provide Over-the-Counter Medication and medical equipment.

Challenge 2:

How can ATLAS be the technology leader in the retail industry?

Our machines already have some of the latest add-ons such as cashless payment systems but there are still more opportunities to explore – to keep up with the modern consumers’ demands for convenience.

Bounty Projects - What You Can Build

  1. Ideas for contactless ordering or purchasing to minimize physical contact.
  2. Ideas for facial recognition system for purchase recommendation, interactive experience or rewards and big data collection.

Challenge 3:

How can ATLAS increase efficiency to maximize profits?

Our operations are definitely labour and capital intensive. How can we increase efficiency and reduce operating cost? (i.e. reduce wastage, simplify operating activities, reduce labour, etc)

Bounty Projects - What You Can Build

  1. Ideas for breakdown monitoring systems to remotely diagnose and schedule repair work.
  2. Ideas for auto-routing methods to reduce time spent for refill visit & maintenance.

Challenge 4:

How can ATLAS drive the green-tech agenda while maintaining profitability?

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) has grown into an important aspect of our business and it impacts financial forecast and stakeholders relation. How can we be greener yet still profitable?

Bounty Projects - What You Can Build

  1. Ideas for energy saving which can reduce overall energy consumption.
  2. Ideas for reverse Vending Machine to recycle used bottles and cans or other useful items.

ATLAS Hack Prizes


RM10,000 for 1st Prize

Ringgit Malaysia Ten Thousand, ATLAS Hack Trophies & Winners Certificates.

RM5,000 for 2nd Prize

Ringgit Malaysia Five Thousand, ATLAS Hack Trophies & Winners Certificates.

RM2,500 for 3rd Prize

Ringgit Malaysia Two Thousand Five Hundred, ATLAS Hack Trophies & Winners Certificates.

RM300 x 7 Consolation

Ringgit Malaysia Three Hundred & Winners Certificates x 7 Consolation for the 4th to 10th placed Teams.

RM2,000 x 3 Bounties

Ringgit Malaysia Two Thousand & Winners Certificates x 3 Bounty Prizes




Frequently Asked Questions


You need to fill up the official registration form with your full team details. If you don't have a team yet, fill up the form only once you have all 3 members.


Yes, this is strictly a team-based competition so you must have 3 members in each team; with at least 1 coder or hardware hacker in the team.


You can, as a Team, but make sure you have at least 1 coder or hardware hacker in your team so that you can build and submit a working prototype.


No, this event is completely free for all eligible participants. The organiser, ATLAS will take care of everything to ensure a great hackathon experience.


You’re required to build an innovative solution in the retail space. You are encouraged to build something new and exciting to make the retail experience smarter.


You can follow all the updates on JomHack Malaysia's social media channels. We will be sharing lots of latest updates and announcements there.


The Virtual Hackathon begins on Friday, 5th March 2021 at 9.00am and ends on Sunday, 7th March 2021 at 12pm. The Grand Finals will be on 13th March 2021.


We want to see highly innovative solutions, originality, good design and also evaluate the technical ability of the team members to execute the projects.


You'll be required to be in Kuala Lumpur if you make it to the Grand Finals. This is subject to COVID-19 regulations, and may be converted into a fully Virtual event.


Not for the Virtual segment but if you make it to the Grand Finals event, there will be more than enough food and drinks. Do not worry.


No, we do not provide any transport or hotel for the top 10 teams. The teams will be required to make own arrangements for the Finals.


1st round of evaluation, all teams are required to submit the projects online. At the Grand Finals, the teams will demo a working prototype on stage.


Yes, as long as you have a valid Malaysian PR or valid Work/Student VISA, and you're currently in the country.


You can contact us at [email protected] or reach us via our social media channels.



Get your team together and sign-up now. We have RM25,600 in cash prizes to be won.