{API SECURITY} Webinar & Virtual Challenge

APIs are central to digital transformation. The use of APIs has the potential to be transformative by enabling new business models and revenue streams. They are the connective tissue that powers modern web architectures and mobile apps and enables enterprises to deliver a digital marketplace.

Implemented without adequate guardrails, APIs also have the potential to disrupt and put businesses at risk. APIs expose data to outsiders. This makes an organization’s APIs extremely attractive to attackers, not just for the data the APIs provide but as potential entry points to other backend systems within an organization’s infrastructure.

We will be organising the {API SECURITY} Webinar on 10th March, 11.00am and the {API SECURITY} Virtual Challenge on 18th March, 6.00pm, in collaboration with F5 / NGINX to test your skills and win great prizes!

Who Should Join?

The {API SECURITY} Webinar will be super educational if you're interested in cyber security. The {API SECURITY} Virtual Challenge is not a typical coding hackathon you're used to, but a special virtual challenge where participants will be solving various security-related challenges within a 1 hour window! Who shall join this?




Gain insight on how to build a resilient and secure architecture to support DevOps, Agile, APIs, microservices, SRE, etc.

Security Professionals


Stay one step ahead by discovering application security measures that integrate into the app delivery pipeline, rather than disrupt it.

How Does it Work?

We know many of you may have attended all types of hackathon events, even virtual hackathons recently but here is how this Virtual Challenge will work:



Webinar - Ends 8th March 2021
Challenge - Ends 16th March 2021

Register individually for the Virtual Challenge by filling up the registration form before 16th March 2021, 6.00pm. If you're only attending the Webinar, please register before 8th March 2021. We welcome all techies; Developers, Engineers, Architects, DevOps and Security Professionals who are interested in cyber Security to join this event.

Live Webinar

10th March 2021, Wednesday
11.00am - 12.00pm

Hear from industry experts on API trends and challenges for 2021. Learn how organizations can unlock the potential of APIs, to effectively fend off typical API attacks and safeguard API assets. You will also discover how to protect your business-critical applications when run microservices on a PaaS.

Virtual Challenge

18th March 2021, Thursday
6.00pm - 7.30pm

Participate in a fun and educational API security challenge where participants will compete to solve real-world API challenges and get rewarded. Registered participants will be invited to our virtual event platform. Kickoff Briefing will begin on 18th March at 6.00pm with the full details to start your challenge.

The Prizes


1st Prize

DJI Mavic Mini worth RM1,500.

2nd Prize

GRAB Food e-voucher worth RM300.

3rd Prize

GRAB Food e-voucher worth RM200.

Register Now

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