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A 24-hour hackathon is a high-intensity, software or hardware development competition that encourages innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. At a hackathon, you build products that actually work, not just business ideas or business models. JomHack Malaysia has a simple, straightforward mission - to make hackathons cool again, while functioning as an effective tool for corporate innovation and digital transformation. JomHack is an innovation programme by PixaLabs.

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JomHack is the leading hackathon organizer in Malaysia. We have organized 8 major Hackathons for partners such as MDEC, iFlix, MyIoTC, TM Berhad, Project Liber8, HERE Technologies and Hong Leong Bank.








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Benefits of Hackathons

24 hours may not be enough for most people to build anything significant but if you have participated in a hackathon before, you will know the kind of great ideas that can be built within such a short period of time. Here are some of the major benefits of hackathons and you can pick any of these to be the primary goal of your next event.



Hackathons attract techies and creative people who are passionate about solving problems. They can bring fresh new perspectives to your organisation.

Branding & PR

It can be a great to position your brand as a tech ecosystem builder, and showcase your commitment towards innovation and entrepreneurship.

Community Engagement

Great opportunity to build a community around your organisation or brand by actively engaging your local developer/creative community.

Recruitment & Team Building

Great platform to identify tech and creative talents to hire. You are able to see potential candidates in action, and their ability to work in a team.

JomHack Services

We provide end-to-end solution for any organisations that want to host their own one-off or series of hackathons. Here’s what we can do for you.


Ideation & Concept

Design your hackathon identity, the overall experience, and align the event to meet your objectives.

Hackathon Branding

Design the event logo, website or micro-site, registration form and other marketing and event materials.

Marketing & Recruitment

Social Media marketing, E-mail marketing and community outreach to sign-up targetted participants.

Hackathon Management

Fully manage the hackathon event on-the-ground during pre-hack briefing and the 24-hour main event.

PR & Partnership

Generate exposure and buzz on online and print media, and also get the right events partners on-board.

Video & Photography

High quality video production and photography for the event to create engaging content for your media.

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